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Why visit Minneapolis, Minnesota? When most people think of Minnesota, they think of the cold hard winters, wind-chill below zero, and snow, lots of it. But there's more to Minnesota than meets the eye.

However, Minnesota boasts of 10,000 lakes. So if you like boating, water skiing, or fishing in Minnesota, you can do it all. Don't think we hibernate in the winter, because there's plenty of fishing to do, we just do it on ice. Drive by any Lake in Minnesota on a cold winter's day and you will see plenty of icehouses. We fish all year-round here, if it's cold, we just drilled a hole in the ice. We call that ice fishing.

Minnesota is also home of the Mall of America. Which is the biggest mall in the United States, would over 520 specialty stores, and tons of restaurants to suit any palate. Also located in the mall is Underwater Adventures, which houses 4500 sea creatures. Did I mention that it also has a huge collection of sharks and Stingrays? more »

Minnesota Charm

Minnesota is a great attraction for tourists, especially in summer. It is situated along the shores of Lake Superior and enjoys cool summer breezes in the summer months making it a perfect retreat for holidaymakers. They come here to visit the pristine landscape and the natural splendor of Minnesota.

But the people who come to visit the natural splendor that is Minnesota do not do so for theme parks or high class gambling venues. Persons choosing to spend their free time in Minnesota do so because they seek to escape the trials, stresses, and madness of the places that they live. For these people, the deep forests and pristine lakes offer a chance to escape back into a simpler time when a person had time to properly gather their thoughts.

To be certain, those vacationing in Minnesota almost have to possess a love of the outdoors in order to truly enjoy the experience. There are ample opportunities for hiking, biking, boating, and a host of other outdoor activities all across the great more »

Pipestone Minnesota

“Here’s some more pipestone,” my husband remarked, as we examined the reddish rock found abundantly in the Pipestone National Monument in western Minnesota. Jim and I walked over the paths with friends and explored this land that once had been a source of the pipestone the Plains Indians used for carving the stone pipes they used and more »

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